Keep Cool And Comfortable While You Wait For An A/C Repair With These Tips

When you discover that there's a problem with your home's air conditioner that is preventing it from thoroughly cooling your home, you've got two priorities. Your first mission is to find a licensed HVAC contractor in your city who will be able to pay you a visit, assess the problem and order the parts to get the repair process started. Your second priority is to think of some creative ways to keep cool as the temperature continues to rise. Hopping in a cold shower and enjoying plenty of ice water are effective methods of staying refreshed, but here are three other strategies worth implementing.

Kick Up The Spice Content In Your Cooking

Cool foods such as salads and raw veggies often dominate the menu when it's hot, but by increasing the spiciness of your foods, you can often feel cooler. The premise is simple -- when you consume a spicy diet, you begin to sweat. Sweat, by its nature, is designed to cool your body. For best results, try incorporating spices such as cayenne and ginger into your cold dishes such as salad, chilled soups and sandwiches; using the stove and oven to cook hot dishes will increase the heat inside your home, which is the last thing you need when your air conditioner is broken.

Use Your Lights Sparingly

Most people know that light bulbs get hot enough to burn you, yet many people leave multiple lights on in their homes while trying to keep cool. Doing so is counter-intuitive. A simple way to keep your home as cool as possible and your body temperature at a manageable level is to avoid using light unless necessary. This idea can allow for some fun and creativity with your family -- use a couple flashlights with LED lights as you eat your meals and play cards or a board game in the evening. If you enjoy reading in bed, a clip-on LED light will provide ample illumination without generating heat.

Use Your Ceiling Fans Correctly

If you're not getting much relief from the ceiling fans in your home, it's probably that you need to change the direction of the blades. Pull the appropriate string so that the blades turn in a counter-clockwise direction. When traveling in this direction, the fan's blades will send a refreshing burst of cool air down onto you, which can be especially refreshing if you stand under a fan after getting out of a cold shower. These tips can keep you cool while you await air conditioning service.