3 Tell-Tale Signs Your Air Conditioning Unit Is Failing

Your residential air conditioner is an essential system that your house's occupants rely on during the hot summer months. It keeps your loved ones cool and comfortable when temperature levels increase. Therefore, you need to keep it in good shape to lengthen its lifespan and improve its performance. When properly maintained, your residential air conditioning unit can serve you for more than a decade. If you pay close attention to your AC, you will notice when it is not performing optimally. As a homeowner, you should solve even minor AC issues on time to prevent them from causing irreversible damage to your cooling unit. 

Here are three tell-tale signs your home's air conditioner needs the intervention of an air conditioning repair professional:   

Your Energy Bills Are Increasing Inexplicable 

A failing residential air conditioning unit may be one of the reasons why your energy bills are increasing dramatically. A malfunctioning thermostat or leaking ductwork may cause a sudden increase in your cooling bills. As a homeowner, you should have these issues repaired as soon as possible by an AC repair contractor to save money on cooling bills and protect your air conditioning system from further damage. 

Your Air Conditioner Is Constantly Starting and Stopping

Your home's air conditioning unit needs the immediate intervention of an experienced repair technician if it is constantly starting and stopping. The frequent cycles will cause your AC to consume a lot of energy and increase your power bills drastically. This issue may occur due to low refrigerant levels, frozen evaporator coils, dirty or faulty air filters, or electrical problems. Do not hesitate to call an air conditioning repair professional when you notice this sign to prevent the issue from escalating.  

You Notice High Humidity Levels in Your House 

A properly functioning air conditioner should keep humidity levels in your home within a comfortable range. Therefore, your AC may be failing if you notice high humidity levels in your house. Too much humidity will encourage mold growth in your home and put your family's health at risk. Therefore, it's advisable to have your air conditioning unit examined by a professional when you notice high humidity levels in your house.

As a homeowner, you should never neglect your residential AC because it is a valuable investment. It's advisable to have it serviced regularly by a professional to improve its energy efficiency and prevent it from breaking down unexpectedly. Additionally, you should have the above issues repaired on time by a certified air conditioning repair technician to lengthen your AC's lifespan.