5 Furnace Repair Signs That Every Homeowner Should Know About

Furnaces may need to be repaired for a number of reasons. Lack of maintenance is a common reason for furnaces malfunctioning. Some homeowners do not pay attention to signs that their furnaces need repairs. This can lead to a furnace breakdown, which can be a major inconvenience on the coldest days of winter. The following points identify signs that a furnace needs repairs.

Water Leaks

This is a phenomenon that can occur when there are clogs in the drainage system. The water puddles are indicative that condensation lines are not working. This a furnace repair issue that will be noted and fixed during routine maintenance because technicians perform thorough inspections.

Yellow Pilot Light

The flame in a furnace is referred to as a pilot light. If a unit is operating correctly, the flame should burn blue. A yellow pilot light is indicative of an issue such as a gas leak or carbon monoxide. It also means that the combustion process will not happen correctly. This should be treated as a furnace repair emergency for safety reasons. A gas leak could cause an explosion, and carbon monoxide is toxic and could cause death. It is important to note that carbon monoxide is odorless.  

Inadequate Heat

Homeowners should pay attention to changes in the heating performance of their furnaces. They might notice their furnaces do not heat their homes the same as they used to. Another change is that some rooms hold more heat than others. These changes could be a sign of a furnace that is on the verge of a breakdown.

Strange Odors 

When a furnace is turned on for the first time, there might be a burnt odor. This odor is likely a sign of dust that has settled in the unit and should go away. However, lingering burnt odors should be referred to an HVAC contractor for inspection due to fire risks. Rotten egg odors are indicative of a gas leak. 

Strange Noises

Furnaces usually operate with minimal or no noise. Squealing sounds are indicative of broken belts. Clogged vents and filters may also produce squealing noises. Banging noises are indicative of an issue with the furnace ignition.

An HVAC contractor is a good resource to use to learn more about furnace repair signs. They also explain the importance of getting a furnace tune-up. Furnaces that get serviced are usually more reliable and last longer. This is a benefit that should not be overlooked.

To find out more, contact an HVAC contractor