Plumbing Tips To Keep In Mind During The Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic continues to alter American life for millions of people. You've likely changed up your daily routine and are spending much more time around the house than you usually do. This might also mean that you are making greater use of your plumbing system since everyone is indoors almost all of the time. If you want to make sure that you get through the pandemic with your plumbing system unscathed, here are some tips that might help.

4 Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Furnace

Whether you just had a new furnace installed or have an older system, one fact remains: taking proper care of your furnace can extend its life and save you a lot of money down the road. Do you know how to properly maintain your heating system and extend its lifespan? There are a few relatively simple tips that can truly make all the difference. Upgrade Your Thermostat If your home doesn't already have a programmable or "

Picking Out Your New Energy Efficient AC System

If you are looking at keeping your home cool this summer, then a new HVAC or central air system may be in order. Due to the cost of the system and the fact that it is quite the investment in your home, you want to make the most of it. That's why you should find the one that is the most energy-efficient as possible. There are a few tips that can help you with this.

Got A Dusty Home? Three Common Mistakes People Make That Can Make A Home Dustier

Some homes naturally have a bit more dust on them, based on the location of the home and the home's surroundings. However, in some cases, people attribute a dusty home to nature, when in reality, they are making cleaning and maintenance mistakes that are contributing to the high dust levels in the home. If you feel like you are constantly cleaning your home but losing the fight with dust, here may be three of the common reasons why.

Mold And Air Ducts: Does Your House Make You Feel Sick?

Your home can bring your great joy and comfort all year round. But if you feel sick every time you enter your home, your air ducts could contain mold. Although blotches of mold generally show up in bathrooms, kitchens, and other places that use water, mold can also grow inside air ducts. Learn more about the possible mold inside your air ducts and how you can remove the fungus below.