What Should You Know About Flooded Steam Boilers?

Steam boilers rely on both adequate water and pressure levels. The internal vessel on your boiler has both water and air inside. The air acts as expansion space, providing the steam somewhere to go as you heat the water. When your boiler turns on, the vapor displaces the air as it travels through the system to your radiators. If you look at your boiler, you should see a tube filled with water somewhere outside the unit.

3 Air Conditioning Repairs That Should Be Left To The Professionals

With many homeowners looking to save money by choosing to complete their own home repairs, it is not surprising that more and more people are choosing to try and tackle their own air conditioning repairs as well. While this DIY approach may be a good idea when dealing with minor issues, it is important to know when it is okay to attempt a repair yourself and when it is best to leave the job to the professionals.

3 Air Conditioning Problems That Indicate You May Have A Dirty Air Filter

Like many modern American homeowners, you rely on an air conditioning system to keep your home and family cool throughout the summer season. Unfortunately, the system can fail when in use, leaving you at the mercy of summer's hot temperatures. While you can always bring in an AC repair technician to carry out emergency repair work on your AC unit, it helps to learn about the potential causes of common AC problems.

Why You Should Be Using Air Conditioning

Today, many homes, industries, and commercial settings rely heavily on air conditioning (AC) systems for managing humidity levels, temperature, and ventilation. Without AC units, enclosed spaces in buildings and automobiles would be uncomfortable and inconvenient for human use. Moreover, air conditioning is essential for cooling electrical equipment and devices too. If you consider installing an AC system in your home or building and wonder if it's a good idea, this article will help you decide.

Comparing a Mini-Split Air Conditioning System With Central Air

Air conditioning is essential for your comfort during the hot summer months. If your AC isn't keeping you cool any longer, it's probably time to consider getting a new air conditioning system. There are two basic ways to cool down your house – one is with central air conditioning, and the other is with a mini-split AC system that uses a heat pump. Here are some things to consider when making your choice between the two.