The Benefits Of Replacing Your Home's Air Ducting

Replacing your HVAC's air ducts can significantly impact your home's overall comfort, health, and energy efficiency. Over time, your air ducts may develop damage or other problems that might compromise the performance of your heating and cooling system. As a result, there can be advantages to replacing your home's air ducting. Benefit: Enhanced Energy Efficiency A notable advantage of upgrading your home's air ducting is its potential to lower energy bills.

Why Is Your Older Evaporator Coil Leaking?

Refrigerant leaks are more than a minor frustration. Unlike fluid leaks in your car, you can't simply top your air conditioner up with more refrigerant and use it for another summer. Air conditioning systems rely on precise refrigerant pressures, so recharging or evacuating a system always requires the attention of a professional. More importantly, a leaky system can result in inefficient operation, environmental damage, and total compressor failure. Unfortunately, older evaporator coils are a common source of refrigerant leaks, and you may be experiencing this problem in your system if you have an older air conditioning unit.

How Do You Repair An Electric Underfloor Heating System That's Not Heating Up All The Way?

Electric underfloor heating systems consist of mats placed underneath your floor that have a network of electrical wires running through them. When an electrical current flows through the wires, they create heat. Since this type of heating system doesn't have any moving parts, it's very reliable. However, a fault in the electrical wiring underneath your floor can cause the wires to only heat up partially or not heat up at all.

Causes And Signs Of Poor Indoor Air Quality

Temperature, humidity, and particles in the air determine your indoor air quality (IAQ). Poor IAQ affects your comfort and health. Below are the causes and signs of poor IAQ. HVAC-Related Causes of Poor IAQ Several HVAC issues can lower IAQ. Below are examples of such issues. Inadequate Humidity Control The AC removes humidity from the air as part of its cooling function. For example, an oversized AC won't run long enough to remove moisture from the air.

Typical Reasons Why Your Air Conditioning Unit May Fail To Start

Your AC unit is all you need during the hot season to keep everyone in your home comfortable. That said, the days and nights can be tough, especially if your home is not aerated enough to allow free movement of fresh air. In such a case, the AC unit ensures everyone doesn't sweat profusely throughout the day. Given this, you may wonder why your unit won't kick in despite your efforts to turn it on at different intervals.