How Technology Can Improve Your Plumbing Problems

When you think of how to handle plumbing issues, the last thing you would think of is utilizing technology to break through these problems. As the plumbing industry continues to grow and evolve, technology is becoming a great asset to how your plumbing system gets maintained and repaired. Many plumbing problems of the past have been almost eradicated thanks to how technology is being used to eliminate them. From tiny cameras to leak detection equipment, your plumbing problems get solved faster and more efficiently with the use of technology. You can also end up saving money on future repairs by having potential problems handled before they worsen. Here are some ways technology has improved the plumbing industry and could help your plumbing problems. 

Leak Locating

Leaks are one of the most common plumbing problems homeowners experience. Even a small leak in your plumbing can cause extensive structural damage to your home. In order to help locate leaks, new technology has been invented that allows plumbers to locate the leaks by listening to the different sounds coming from the pipes. This helps locate the leaks faster without having to tear up part of the home to get to the pipes. No invasive procedures are used when using the new electronic leak locating equipment. They are able to find everything from pinhole leaks to hard-to-find slab leaks. 

Camera Technology

With the use of small cameras, plumbers are able to find small hairline cracks that would be difficult to find otherwise. This is done by easily inserting the camera into the plumbing lines without having to tear anything apart to get into the plumbing. This gets placed into the drain and pushed through to carefully view the line for problems. This can also aid in diagnosing other plumbing issues like tree root intrusion. Not only does it allow the plumber to see what the inside of your pipes look like, but you get to see what they look like as well. 

Hydro Jetting

Clogged drains are another popular problem homeowners can experience with their plumbing systems. Unlike traditional rooter and cabling solutions, using hydro jetting equipment can help remove the clogs much faster and quicker. It uses about 4000 psi to help remove tough clogs that couldn't be resolved using other methods. Cabling and rooter services can leave behind debris on the interior walls while hydro jetting removes everything. 

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