Standby: Solar Power Isn't Enough In A Blackout

Are you a homeowner who's been trying to figure out how to keep the power on in case of a power outage in the area? If so, solar panels might have popped into your mind, but don't get too excited about those yet. Solar panels would actually be either dangerous or useless in this case. If you live in an area prone to power outages, a standby generator is the best way to ensure you have power when others don't.

Safe and Effective

Using a standby generator is safer than relying on solar panels that are tied into the grid. If the power goes out, you start up the generator, and it provides power to your home and only your home. Solar panels, on the other hand, continue to produce power and send it back into the grid, creating an electrocution risk for anyone trying to fix the lines.

Some solar panel arrays actually shut down to prevent that electrocution risk from happening, too, so you can't get any benefit even if you know people aren't trying to fix the lines in your neighborhood. So if the power goes out, you're still left in the dark no matter how many solar panels you've invested in.

Standby generators won't send current back into the grid. You can turn the generator on and off, too, so you can conserve fuel. Generator technology is also getting better and better, so many newer models have lower noise output than older models. It's really the only option for people who want to have backup power during a power outage.

Long Lasting

One option that some solar proponents put forth is going a little off-grid and adding a battery to store up enough solar power that even if the panels shut down during a power outage, you'll still have some stored up. But batteries fade, and disposing of them can be difficult -- remember that these are very large batteries that aren't environmentally friendly.

Generators last a much longer time. As long as you store fuel correctly and occasionally start the generator according to the manufacturer's suggested schedule, the generator can last for years.

If you'd like to find out more about how to install standby generators, contact a dealer today. You'll be able to choose from among several options, from stationary installed generators to portable units. Provide electricity for yourself and your family when it counts.