3 Reasons Why a Commercial Freezer Might Stop Getting Cold

Are you puzzled as to why one of the freezers in your convenience store has stopped keeping food cold? If your freezer is not simply going out from normal wear and tear, there are a few things that may have caused the temperature to change to the point of not keeping food cold. Here are a few parts of a commercial freezer that can become problematic and prevent food from staying frozen:

The Air Compressor

Poor cooling in a commercial freezer could possibly stem from the air compressor not functioning properly. Basically, your freezer must have a good air compressor so it can pull heat out of the inside to keep food cold. An air compressor basically compresses a gas by removing heat out of it. The gas then travels to the inside of the freezer to remove any heat that is present before moving back into the air compressor to repeat the process. It is possible that your food is not staying cold because the air compressor does not stay on as long as it should, which could be due to the motor being dirty or damaged.

The Start Relay

It is important for your freezer to have a working start relay for keep food cold. The purpose of the start relay is to provide power to the air compressor so it can cool down the interior of the freezer. A contractor can inspect the start relay to see if it is damaged beyond repair or not. Repairing a start relay might simply involve cleaning it, as dirt can cause it to become problematic. A new start relay can be installed if it is necessary.

The Condenser Fan

If the condenser fan does not rotate to the fullest extent, it can lead to the air compressor overheating and not functioning. Basically, the condenser fan is used for keeping the air compressor cool, as well helping water evaporate in the drain pan. A condenser fan can stop functioning for numerous reasons, including having a bad motor that need to be replaced. It is also possible for a condenser fan to malfunction when the blades become covered in dirt that weighs them down to the point of not being able to freely rotate. Make an appointment with a refrigeration contractor, like one from Pro-Staff Mechanical Inc, so he or she can visit your convenience store and inspect the freezer for cooling problems.