Can't Tell When Your Air Conditioner Will Work Or Not? — 4 Ways To Get It Working Like New Again

One day, your air conditioner may be working so well that you actually feel chilly in your own home, but the very next day things can go in the opposite direction. There's no telling when or why an air conditioning unit may start working less efficiently, but the effects are felt instantly. If you no longer get relief when you switch your air conditioner on, these next four tips will leave you chilled out in the hottest of weather.

1. Check the Power Source - You might find that your air conditioner is lagging because its not getting enough juice from the electrical outlet. Sometimes, wiggling the cord and ensuring that it is fully pushed into the wall or surge protector can fix things right away. Determine whether the fault lies with an outside power source or the air conditioning unit itself by performing a visual check, then contact local air conditioning services.

2. Look Over the Drain Line - Seeing a few drops of water come out of your air conditioner should not be alarming, especially if the cool air keeps blowing. On the other hand, if you need a drip pan to collect all of the water that comes out of your unit when it is powered on, you can bet that you're facing an uphill battle when it comes to keeping your home cool. A clogged drain line can be cleared or replaced to make your air conditioner work more efficiently.

3. Check for Compressor Issues - In central air cooling systems, compressors are used to keep a constant flow of cool air going in every room in your home. Because compressors can break down or lag for a number of reasons, hiring an air conditioning service will be required to source the problem behind your largely ineffective air conditioning system. Since most compressors come with great warranties, you'll probably just need to have it repaired so that you can go back to enjoying the cool air and refuge from the heat that your house normally provides.

4. Clean That Filter - Like a fan, air conditioners circulate air, blowing cool air out of the exhaust while sucking in warmer air in a repetitious cycle. Realize that the air going in and out of your air conditioning unit is going to have some dust, which collects on the filter. If that air filter isn't occasionally taken out and cleaned or just totally replaced, your air conditioner will be working in overdrive the entire time that it is on.

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