Have A Pet? Know How They Can Impact Internal Your HVAC Components

Do you have pets in your home that tend to shed? If so, you are well aware that their hair gets everywhere. Since you cannot see the hair, it's also getting into your home's HVAC system without you realizing it. You'll need to pay extra attention to these areas of your home's HVAC system if you are looking to improve the quality of the air in your house and extend the life of the system.

Air Filter

The air filter inside your furnace plays a key role in keeping airborne particles out of the air. Pet hair and dander is one thing it is able to remove from the air, and when your pets produce a lot of it, it causes the filter to become clogged quickly. Ignoring the filter causes problems, such as your furnace and air conditioner running inefficiently as it tries to push air through a clogged filter. You'll need to stay on top of changing the air filter when you do have pets, potentially doing it more often than what the recommendations are. You'll know what's best by simply taking a look at the filter and seeing how dirty it is.

Air Ducts

Before pet dander can reach the air filter, it must go through the air ducts. Unfortunately, there is not a filter on your vents that prevents hair from getting into the ducts. This can cause there to be a lot of hair buildup in the vents, causing the need to clean them more often than you normally would have to. Considering having your vents professionally cleaned so that the air flowing through the entire system is clean as well. The filter will get clogged less often, and the air will be cleaner as a result.

Internal Components

You'll also need to pay attention to the internal components of the HVAC system, since it could need extra care. For instance, the evaporator coil is prone to becoming dirty, but pet hair can cause it to become dirty faster than anticipated. A dirty evaporator coil will cause the entire system to work harder to cool down your home in the summer. You can have your home's HVAC system inspected by a professional to look for these potential trouble signs, and do repairs before they become big problems. It will help give components a longer lifespan, which can save you money due to unanticipated replace if the unit were to fail prematurely.

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