Dealing With Noise From An HVAC System

When an HVAC systems begins to operate in a loud manner, it can decrease the amount of comfort in a house. For instance, if you enjoy sleeping with the heater or air conditioner on to relax better, the noise from the system can interrupt sleep. If your HVAC system has been keeping you up at night, find out what is causing it to be so noisy. A contractor who handles HVAC and home appliance repairs might be able to get rid of the noise by replacing a part. In this article, discover some of the services that a contractor might have to perform to resolve the problem.

Clear Debris Out of the Ventilation System

The air ducts can play a role in how quiet an HVAC system is able to run. Getting the ventilation system inspected is a good idea because there might be debris or something else in it that is responsible for the noise. For example, if there is a substantial amount of debris in the air ducts, air can make noise as it passes by and touches the debris. There can also be the carcasses of rodents or insects in the ducts that are in need of being removed. The ventilation system can be thoroughly cleaned if you hire a professional to assist with the task.

Inspect the Blower Assembly for Problems

The blower assembly is one of the main areas of an HVAC system that can contribute to noise, since this is where the motor and fan are located. Noise can be the result of the fan spinning in a sporadic manner because it is in need of being fixed. For example, if the fan is loose, a contractor will have to tighten it up. Dirt and a bad motor are some of the other things that can cause the blower fan to make a lot of noise.

Determine if the Filter Needs Maintenance

Do you pay attention to the condition of your air filter and change or clean it when necessary? If not, the filter might be behind all of the noise that the HVAC system has been making, since air must pass through the filter when the system is running. A filter that has debris piled up on it makes the air work harder to push through to the other side, which can be noisy. A contractor might have to install a different filter to resolve the problem.