Do Window AC Units Work?

Window air conditioning units certainly have a lot of drawbacks, but it is hard to beat their convenience and affordability. While most people try to avoid installing window units in their home, there are certain situations where they can be extremely practical, if not the only choice available to the homeowner. This article explains the advantages of having window air conditioning units, and in what situations they work best.

Cooling Off Just One Room

A window air conditioning unit is perfect if you have one room in your house that just gets a little hotter than the rest. This is very common, no matter how energy efficient your walls and windows are. Some rooms just receive a lot of more sunlight, so they heat up more. No matter how efficient your central HVAC system is, that room might still remain hot and uncomfortable. But, installing a window unit, even if you just run it if you hours a day to break the heat, can be very beneficial. This can even enable you to turn up your thermostat so you aren't running your central AC so much.

A Perfect Solution for Renters

Window AC units are also extremely practical for renters. That is, if you don't own your property, you probably don't want to spend a ton of money retrofitting it with a central air conditioning system. It just wouldn't be practical for cost effective if you don't own the property. But, a window AC unit can be placed in the window, used, and then uninstalled before you move out. Homeowners who have renters will appreciate this because the window AC unit can be installed without damaging the window or requiring any alterations to that cannot be easily covered up or fixed.

They Are Great for Apartments

Window air conditioning units are also perfect in apartment buildings and high-rises. In some apartment situations there is no central air conditioning, so being able to install a window unit is a convenient way to keep your apartment a little cool during the summer. Obviously, whether you rent or own a single apartment in a building, you won't be able to install a central AC system, so window units are the perfect solution.

As you can see, there are many situations where window air conditioning units are the best option. It is one of the cheapest and fastest ways to make your home, or just part of it, cooler the summer. To learn more, contact services that provide AC repair and maintenance services.