Four Ways To Get More Out Of Your Furnace

Furnaces are not cheap, so it makes sense that you would want to get as much as you can out of this appliance before you have to replace it. Have you wondered how you can encourage your furnace to last longer without the need for so many repairs? Here are four ways to get more out of your furnace.

1. Schedule annual maintenance.

Having your heating contractor out to look over your furnace once a year might seem like overkill -- until they find something wrong and are able to repair it before major damage is caused! During these maintenance appointments, they also lubricate all moving parts and tighten any loose bolts, which will decrease wear and tear on your furnace as it runs. Annual maintenance is not as expensive as you might think, either. Many HVAC companies let you sign up for a maintenance agreement that includes an annual appointment, discounts on repairs, and more.

2. Change your filter.

This is really the only maintenance that you are responsible for between maintenance appointments, so do a good job! Change the filter out for a new one at least every two months -- and monthly if you have pets or an older home where dust is an issue. People think of filters as a means of keeping the house clean, but they keep your furnace clean, too. A clean furnace will keep running longer with less strain.

3. Turn down the thermostat.

Ask yourself if you really need to heat your home to 70 degrees in the winter. Would you be just as comfortable at 65 or 66 if you put on an extra sweater? Turning the thermostat down a few degrees greatly reduces the burden on your furnace. It will do less work each year, so it will continue to serve you for a few more years overall. Plus, your heating bills will go down.

4. Keep all vents open.

Some homeowners like to close some of their vents, particularly in empty rooms and areas they want cooler. This is actually quite hard on your furnace, since it causes pressure to build up inside the ducts. Your furnace's fan has to "push back" against this pressure to deliver air through the home, which puts a lot of strain on the furnace. Your furnace will last longer if you just keep all the vents open and let the system do its job.

For more maintenance tips, contact companies like Summit Heating and Air Conditioning.