What If Your Furnace Is Not Heating Correctly?

Many people rely on their furnaces for warmth when the winter season kicks in. However, you can find yourself in an difficult situation if the furnace stops heating correctly in the middle of the winter. Whenever your furnace starts to malfunction, you can get a furnace repair, or even do the repairs by yourself. The following quick fixes can help ensure that your furnace is functioning properly without having to call furnace repair services.

Change the Air Filter

When the air filter gets dirty, it blocks how air flows into the furnace. This is just like covering you head with a blanket and then trying to breathe normally. A dirty air filter causes the following furnace problems:

  • Reduced volume of the hot air that is blown out

  • The furnace shuts down as a result of overheating

To avoid these problems, check the air filter on a regular basis and ensure that you change it if needed. 

Check the Thermostat

Maybe your furnace is fine, but the thermostat is not functioning or set correctly. When you realize that your furnace is not turning on or blowing hot air, check whether the following troubleshooting tips can assist before you call for repair services:

  • Ensure that the thermostat is set to heat, rather than cool. 

  • Set the thermostat to either 5 or 10 degrees above the normal room temperature to check whether the furnace will turn on.

  • Clean the thermostat's panel if it is dusty.

  • Replace the thermostat's batteries.

Ensure That the Blower's Section Is Shut

If the panel was opened during regular maintenance schedule and was not closed correctly, the furnace might not function properly. If the panel isn't completely pressed in, the furnace's safety device can prevent it from running. Check to make sure that the blower panel is securely shut before turning on the furnace.

Open the Furnace's Gas Valve

Just like the furnace's blower panel, someone might have accidentally closed the gas valve. If that's the case, it will prevent gas from entering into the panel and nothing will burn. If someone turned off the gas valve, just turn it back and your furnace will be ready for use. Usually, the gas valve handle is located parallel to the gas pipe.

Inspect the Air Ducts

If the furnace is functioning normally, but there are some cold spots in your house—your air ducts might be responsible. Check to make sure that the dampers that regulate the airflow are completely open. Holes, gaps, or cracks in the duct might be causing the same problems. Ensure that the ducts are properly sealed and insulated to solve the problem.