Routine Sources Of Air Conditioner Malfunctions And Performance Problems

Of all of the appliances in your home that could suffer malfunctions, the air conditioning system can have among the most noticeable and severe impacts for those living in the home. Despite the severe impacts that these problems can create, there are homeowners that are often uninformed about addressing the most routine air conditioner (AC) problems that they can expect to experience.

Cool Air Not Coming Out Of Upstairs Vents

The upstairs areas of your home can be some of the more difficult parts of the house in which to regulate the temperature. Unfortunately, you can find that this problem is worsened by an air conditioning system that is unable to push enough air to the higher areas of the house. This problem can often stem from the air conditioner's mechanical parts becoming damaged and unable to effectively work. It can also be related to the system being too underpowered for the size of home that you have.

Excessive System Starting And Stopping

Under normal conditions, your air conditioner will need to regularly activate and deactivate in order to be able to regulate the temperature. Unfortunately, problems with the system can lead to it cycling back and forth between on and off far too quickly. This will prevent the system from being able to keep the home in the desired temperature range. Excessive cycling is often the fault of either a faulty regulator or thermostat, as these parts can prevent the system from being able to accurately measure the current temperature. Replacing these components can be the only way to correct this problem and prevent it from eventually causing serious damage to the system.

Foul Smells When The System Is Running

Dirt, pollen, and molds can start to gather in the various components of the air conditioning system. In particular, these materials will often collect in the ducting and near the unit's primary air intake. These odors can make the home an unpleasant place to be while also posing health risks for allergy or chronic respiratory patients. Luckily, this issue can largely be corrected through the use of a professional cleaning service to remove these materials from the system.

Compromised Refrigerant

Whether it is due to the refrigerant reaching the end of its usable life or a leak causing there to be insufficient amounts of refrigerant, the compromised refrigerant can quickly leave the air conditioner unable to cool air. A common warning sign that this problem is developing with your system is if the system is continuing to blow air, but the air is not cool.

If your AC is experiencing any of these issues, contact an AC service for help.