A Look at Common Myths Associated with Heating Your Home with Heating Oil

Even though heating oil has been used for residential heating purposes for many years, this is perhaps one of the most commonly misunderstood home heating fuel sources. If you are considering an oil burner for your home that would require the use of heating oil, it is important that you fully understand the facts about this fuel source before you come to your final decision. There are many myths associated with heating oil, and most of these misconceptions are unwarranted. Take a look at some of the most common myths associated with heating oil and the real truths you should know. 

Myth: Heating oil is not good for the environment. 

The heating oil that is used in modern times is not the same as what people once relied on to heat their homes. Today's oil burns as much as 95 percent cleaner than what it did almost half a century ago in 1970, according to Oilheat America. Home heating oil is now composed of things like biofuels made from soybeans and more natural derivatives so it is not hard on the environment and follows clean air standards set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency. Therefore, you should never let a fear of harming the environment prevent you from taking an oil burning system into consideration as a good home heating source. 

Myth: Heating oil is not safe to have on your property. 

Heating oil does burn, but before it can burn, it must be fully vaporized by your home's oil burning system. Therefore, just because you have a container that houses heating oil on your property, it does not necessarily mean that it is dangerous to have around. Not only are the containers for heating oil airtight and placed in a protected area on your property, but this oil also would not ignite if it were inadvertently exposed to a flame or spark. 

Myth: You can't rely on a stable price for heating oil. 

It is true that the price of heating oil can rise and fall, but these variances are not much different than the prices of any other fuel source. Propane, natural gas, and even electricity can have varied prices according to the season, demand, and other factors. Therefore, heating oil prices are not really any more volatile or unreliable than other types of heating fuel sources. Some oil delivery services offer locked-in pricing for the season for customers. 

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