Three AC Mistakes That Are Costing You Money

Poor cooling combined with high energy bills simply isn't acceptable. Unfortunately, it is often mistakes made in the home that lead to issues with the AC system. The following are three common mistakes that can cause you to lose your cool and blow your budget.

#1: Your ceiling fans are on the wrong setting

Many people are unaware that ceiling fans have two settings. The winter setting is designed to work with the furnace. On the winter setting, the fans turn counter-clockwise, which forces the rising hot air down to recirculate through the room. If left on this setting, then your house will feel a lot warmer during the summer months. Instead, make sure the small switch on the fan housing is turned to the summer setting. This circulates the air below without dispersing the hot air above. This way you get the cooling effect of air movement without having to deal with the hot air.

#2: The thermostat has bad placement

Your thermostat is key to making sure the AC is cycling correctly. Since it tracks the temperature for the unit, it needs to be placed correctly. Always make sure a thermostat is placed on an interior wall since walls that back the exterior can be warmer due to the sun shining on them. The thermostat should also be placed out of the sun and in the main room of your home. It may never read warm enough to pop on, for example, if it's placed in a cold stairwell, or it may pop on too often if it is exposed to direct sunlight and reading a false high temperature. It's also a good idea to have the thermostat inspected and recalibrated once a year when you have your AC serviced.

#3: Blocked airflow is reducing efficiency

Your air conditioner can only cool your home efficiency if it can work freely. Floor and lower wall vents cannot be obstructed, so walk around your home and make sure that no furniture or drapery is blocking the airflow. If you have vents behind furniture, consider investing in vent redirection covers. These covers help redirect air out into the room so it doesn't simply pool in one area. Further, verify that all the vents are fully open and that nothing has fallen into them that could cause an obstruction.

Fortunately, the above issues can easily be avoided. If you need more help, contact a residential air conditioning service in your area.