4 Things You Need To Make Sure Are Done Right When Installing A New Air Conditioning System

When getting a new air conditioning system installed, you want to make sure everything is done by the book. A new air conditioning system, when properly installed, can last you for a decade or two. 

Choose a Company with the Right Qualifications

When it comes to choosing a company to install your air conditioning system, you need to make sure you choose a company with the right qualifications. You want to choose a company that is licensed to work in your state and that carries liability and workers compensation insurance.  

You also want to look into the training that the employees who work at the company have. You want to hire a company that employs individuals who carr the North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certification. Individuals with this certification have gone through a high degree of training and will be able to properly install your air conditioning system. 

Make Sure a Ceiling-Saver Pan Is Installed

When it comes to the installation process, remember that it is okay to ask questions. Ask the contractor and see if the contractor is planning on installing a secondary drip pan. A secondary drip pan can also be referred to as a ceiling-saver pan. The purpose of a secondary drip pan is to collect any water or condensation that gathers during the air conditioning process. Having a secondary drip pan in place is the best way to ensure that water damage is not a side effect of operating your air conditioning system. 

Check the Length of the Refrigerant Pipes

When it comes to installing your new air conditioning system, be sure to ask about the length of refrigerant pipes that will be used. The pipes used in the system should be short. If the pipes are too long, it will be hard for your new air conditioning system to complete the entire cooling cycle. This will wear down your new air conditioner at an accelerated rate, shortening the lifespan of your new system. Check with your installer and make sure they are going to use short pipes throughout the system.  

Get the Right Permits

Finally, you need to make sure that you get the right permits before installing a new air conditioning system. The last thing you want to do is not get the permits, then face additional fines just for trying to improve your home. 

When you need to get a new air conditioning system installed, you need to choose a company with the right qualifications and that will know to do things such as installing a ceiling saver pan and short refrigerant pipes. Always get a permit before doing major work on your home.  

For more information on air conditioning installation, contact an HVAC contractor.