Got A Dusty Home? Three Common Mistakes People Make That Can Make A Home Dustier

Some homes naturally have a bit more dust on them, based on the location of the home and the home's surroundings. However, in some cases, people attribute a dusty home to nature, when in reality, they are making cleaning and maintenance mistakes that are contributing to the high dust levels in the home. If you feel like you are constantly cleaning your home but losing the fight with dust, here may be three of the common reasons why. 

Not Deep Cleaning Their Carpets Regularly

One of the mistakes people make that can cause a home to be dustier is failing to have a professional deep clean their carpets. Sure, you can capture a lot of dust by routinely vacuuming the carpets and area rugs in your home. But many people fail to realize that a vacuum is not able to capture all of the dirt or dust that can be buried deep within the fibers of the carpet. When someone walks on or plays on the carpet, that dust can then be released back into the air, making your home seem dusty. Most people should deep clean their carpets one to two times per year. 

Failing to Have Duct Cleaning Performed

Another mistake that people make that can make their home dustier is failing to have professional duct cleaning performed. Duct cleaning removes dirt and dust that are in your duct system. Cleaning your vents and replacing filters captures a lot of dust, but it cannot get rid of all of the dust in your home. Having the ducts cleaned helps to ensure the air blowing through the ducts does not collect dirt and dust as it makes its way into your home. Duct cleaning should be done every two to five years to keep dust away. 

Using a Rag While Dusting Their Home

The final mistake people make that makes their home dustier is to use a cotton rag while they are dusting. A cotton rag typically pushes the dust around rather than collecting the dust. Consider using microfiber dusting cloths that hold dust, or wipes designed to collect the dust and prevent it from leaving, ensuring you collect and dispose of the dust rather than spreading it around your home again. 

The steps you can in your home can help to decrease the dust level in your home. This can improve the air quality in your home and decrease the frequency at which you feel you need to clean your home to remove dust accumulation. If your home is dusty, you will experience an immediate difference by having duct cleaning done. Combine duct cleaning with regularly cleaning your carpets and dusting using a mechanism that traps dust, and begin to live your best life with as little dust as possible.