Scheduling AC System Installation? 3 Things to Ask Your Tech

A brand new air conditioning system can be a godsend on a hot summer day. In addition to whisking away heat and humidity, central air conditioning systems may also boost your home value, since they are hidden in the walls and floor and don't pose the types of water damage problems roof-mounted evaporative coolers can create. However, before your installation appointment, here are three things you should ask your technician. 

1. When Will They Size the System?

When you call a contractor to ask them about installing a new air conditioner, they should start by coming to your home to size your new system properly. The right air conditioner should be large enough to easily handle the heat loads in your home, but small enough that the system won't cycle on and off too frequently.

The size of the air conditioner you need directly relates to things like the number of people living in your place, the number of windows and doors you have, the height of your ceilings, and the appliances you have in your kitchen. Additions like sunrooms or solariums can also impact the load your air conditioner needs to handle. Ask your HVAC contractor to carefully size your system and to explain the load calculations to you, so you can be sure your new model can handle the heat generated in your home. 

2. What Is the Installation Timeline Like? 

While some air conditioning system installations can take a day, others are far more complex, especially if you are having vents and in-wall ducts installed. Talk with your installation contractor about how long the air conditioning installation is projected to take, whether you need to be home, and how to streamline the process as much as possible. 

3. Is the Thermostat Compatible? 

While that older manual thermostat may have been completely capable of working hand in hand with your older air conditioner, it may not work well with your newer system, which can create problems. Ask your HVAC professional if your current thermostat will work, or if you will need to invest in a new thermostat prior to installation day. Some modern AC systems may not have full capabilities if you use them with older manual thermostats. 

When you contact your HVAC contractor to ask about your AC installation, make sure you ask about any specials they have ongoing, including financing deals. Many businesses offer great deals, especially at the end of the summer, since they want their schedule to stay full to support their employees. Additionally, mention anyone who referred you to their business, since there may be a referral bonus. 

Learn more about the process by contacting AC system installation companies.