Maximize Your AC System With Proper And Regular Maintenance

When was the last time you thought about servicing your air conditioner? After all, why fix something if it's not broken? Just like your car relies on scheduled service and tune-ups to keep it running reliably, your AC unit requires regular servicing and maintenance, so you can avoid paying for extensive repairs. 

Why risk a costly breakdown when you can keep your unit running at its optimum quality level when you need it most? Below are four main benefits of air conditioning maintenance services.

Improved Energy Efficiency 

Your AC unit loses a percentage of its overall efficiency every year it goes without scheduled maintenance. This is due to accumulated dust and debris on the air filters, cooling coils, blades, and other components. Scheduled maintenance will include cleaning, replacing worn-out components, and inspection of equipment, to help your unit run at optimal capacity. You will enjoy quicker cooling and heating, not to mention improved power efficiency.

Improved Air Quality 

A well-serviced AC unit will keep your space comfortable by effectively purifying the air that passes through it. A poorly-serviced AC unit provides a suitable breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and fungi to thrive. This is likely to trigger asthma attacks, respiratory infections, and other allergies since the indoor air is subject to contamination. A qualified AC technician will clean and sterilize your unit during scheduled maintenance to guarantee that the air circulated is clean and you can breathe more freely.  

Lower Energy Bills 

Air conditioners naturally consume a lot of electricity. That said, you may have noticed your energy bills have been increasing dramatically over the years. Debris, leaks, dirty filters, and failing components force your unit to work harder, raising its operating cost. By servicing your unit as required, you reduce the components' stress, thus preventing high electric bills. 

Improved System Lifespan 

Installing a new AC unit can be very costly, and even the most robust air conditioner is not immune to pollutants and eventual breakdowns. As such, regular servicing is crucial to ensure your unit is running in good working condition. The right amount of care significantly extends your system's operational life and guarantees you make the most of it all year round. 

As you can see, a poorly-serviced AC unit can lead to serious problems, including increased chances of total system breakdown. Having an air conditioning service look at your AC system on a regular basis will benefit you with improved system efficiency and guarantee regulated temperatures for comfortable living. 

For more information about air conditioning maintenance, contact a local HVAC company, like Mauzy Heating, Air & Solar.