4 Signs That You Need a Chimney Sweep

Your fireplace is an integral feature of your home during the cold season. It's essential to maintain it in optimal condition to boost its efficiency. One way of improving the chimney's performance is regular cleaning. A chimney sweep is highly recommended in the months running up to winter.

The intervals at which you sweep the chimney depend on its usage. Even though the fireplace looks clean and functional, the chimney's interiors require thorough cleaning as well. If you're not taking advantage of a cleaning offer, there are other instances where you need a chimney sweep. Here are situations that warrant a chimney sweep.

Creosote Buildup

Have you noticed peculiar odors inside your home even after a meticulous cleaning job? If the area around the fireplace no longer smells as fresh as it used to, there could be a problem inside your chimney. The wood-burning process produces creosote. With time, this byproduct builds up inside the chimney and constricts airflow. The lingering creosote odors can back down to your living room if the flue is blocked. When creosote clogs the inner chimney passage, you must schedule a chimney sweep. Remember, creosote is flammable, and you must clean it quickly to avoid a fire disaster.

Animals in the Chimney

Rodents, birds, and small animals find your chimney an ideal nesting place. When the nests block the flow of smoke and air, it affects the chimney's functionality. You will hear noises or see nests on the chimney's exit, meaning it shouldn't be difficult to identify animal activity inside your chimney. Getting a professional chimney service ensures a thorough chimney sweep to restore its efficiency.

Problems Lighting and Burning Wood

A perfectly working fireplace enables you to ignite a wood fire effortlessly. But if the process becomes problematic, it signals an in-chimney problem. You can call chimney specialists to inspect and sweep the entire system. A cleat shaft facilitates airflow and proper combustion. If there's a blockage, the technician will unclog it to enhance the smooth flow of smoke out of the fireplace.

You Can't Remember the Last Sweep Date

Homeowners rely on the fireplace more during the cooler months. When summer sets in, the indoor fireplace becomes inactive for many months. If you haven't lit a fire over a long duration, it's advisable to request a chimney sweep. If you can find documentation from the last sweep, and you don't know the last time it was inspected, consider hiring a chimney sweep.