HVAC Tips To Help Homeowners Improve Performance

Optimizing the performance of an HVAC system can be an important step for ensuring that the home is at a comfortable temperature while also keeping the costs low. While having the primary unit serviced on a regular basis can maintain its efficiency, there are other steps that you can take to improve the performance of this system.

Use Fans To Help Increase HVAC Performance

The placement of fans throughout the interior of the building can be a simple way of improving the performance of the HVAC system as it will keep the air circulating. Without the use of these fans, it can be easy for some of the cooled or heated air to get trapped in areas where you may not feel it. For a person that wants to limit the amount of floor space that they will need to dedicate to these fans, the installation of ceiling fans can be an affordable alternative that may also provide better air circulation.

Upgrade The Thermostat Or Have It Professionally Serviced

Upgrading older thermostats is an option that can improve the ability of the HVAC system to regulate the interior temperature of the house. Aging thermostats may be somewhat inaccurate, and they can also be more prone to suffering failures that may prevent them from controlling the heating or cooling. If your thermostat is still relatively modern, periodically servicing it can be a step that will increase its overall performance. Over time, dust can collect inside the thermostat, and thorough cleaning can remove the dust so that it is unable to impact the performance of the thermostat. Removing the faceplate of the thermostat and using compressed air to remove the dust should be done every few months.

Clean The Ducting To Improve Air Quality

The air that is being distributed through your home by the HVAC system will all pass through the ducting. Unfortunately, large amounts of dust can start to collect in the ducting, and this dust can become disturbed when air is moving through the ducting. Having the ducting professionally cleaned can eliminate this dust so that the overall air quality in the home is improved. This can be an important type of maintenance to have done for those with allergies, but it can provide a noticeable improvement in air quality that anyone will be able to notice. For homes in areas with large amounts of dust or pollen, duct cleaning may be needed every few years in order to prevent these accumulations from forming in the ducting and impacting air quality.

For more information, contact an HVAC contractor in your area.