Comparing a Mini-Split Air Conditioning System With Central Air

Air conditioning is essential for your comfort during the hot summer months. If your AC isn't keeping you cool any longer, it's probably time to consider getting a new air conditioning system. There are two basic ways to cool down your house – one is with central air conditioning, and the other is with a mini-split AC system that uses a heat pump. Here are some things to consider when making your choice between the two.

If You Want Control Over Individual Rooms

An advantage of a mini-split system is that every room has its own blower, and each blower has its own remote control. That allows you to keep your living room and kitchen comfortable while you have the blowers off in the bedrooms. The result is less wasted energy and lower power bills. This could be important if you have spare bedrooms or an upper level that rarely gets used.

If You Prefer a Smart Thermostat

If you want your entire house to be air conditioned at the same temperature, you may prefer the convenience of a central thermostat that controls the temperature of your entire house, especially if you're using a programmable or smart thermostat. A smart thermostat learns your routine and adjusts the temperature accordingly so you can save money on your cooling bills. Plus, if you have a young family, you won't have to worry about kids playing with the blower remotes and making rooms cooler than they need to be.

If Your Old Ducts Need To Go

Another benefit of a mini-split system is that there are no ducts involved. This can save a little money if your old ducts are ruined and you would need to invest in new ducts for your AC system. However, it's also important to remember that a mini-split system usually costs more than a central AC, so you want to compare prices with and without the cost of ducts added in.

If Your Old Furnace Still Works

If your furnace is still in good shape, but you need to get a new AC condenser, then you'll probably want a central AC system. A central HVAC system uses the furnace as an air handler for the air conditioner. So, if you'll keep the same air handler, it makes sense to stick with a central air conditioning system.

A mini-split system is an air conditioner and furnace combined. If your furnace is old and needs to be replaced too, then switching to a mini-split system might be a good idea if you also enjoy the other benefits that a mini-split system provides.

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