Furnace Getting Older? 2 Problems That May Be In Your Future

If you have a furnace for your home and it is getting older, it may start having problems. Knowing about these problems can help you get the furnace repaired quicker, which may extend its life. Below are two problems it can have. 

Not Heating

If the furnace is not heating, this can be due to many things. One of the easiest is to check the thermostat. Make sure it is set to heat and that it is at the right temperature. Open the thermostat and check for dust and debris inside of it. If there is debris, the thermostat may be clogged. Simply blow into the thermostat to clean it out or wipe it with a dry cloth. If you have a programmable or an electronic thermostat, make sure the time and date are set correctly. 

The problem may be with the breaker as it may have flipped and turned off. If so, turn the breaker back on to see if this takes care of the problem. If not, reset the breaker by flipping the switch off and then back on again. In some cases, this is all it takes to get the furnace heating again. The filter also may be dirty and need to be changed. 

If the furnace is still not heating, there is a much more serious problem happening, and it needs to be repaired by a furnace repair technician. 

Not Blowing Air

If the furnace is not blowing any air, this can be due to many things. The main cause of this problem is a clog in the blower. If so, you need to remove the clog and debris from inside the blower. If you do not know how to do this refer to the owner's manual. 

The blower may have bad wiring, which will need to be looked at by a professional. The blower has belts, and these belts may be frayed or broken completely and need to be replaced. Sometimes resetting the circuit breaker may get the furnaced blowing air again.

If you are still having problems with your furnace not blowing air it could be the motor which is an expensive repair. Contact a furnace repair company to look at it. If they find that this is the problem, they may suggest you get a new furnace instead of paying a high repair bill.

The furnace repair contractor can tell you of other problems you may have with your furnace. Contact a local furnace repair service to learn more.