Why Does Your Toilet Keep Clogging?

Since a functional toilet is necessary for every home, it is best to have it fixed whenever it has drainage problems so it doesn't become hazardous. Often, toilets get blocked from flushing too much toilet paper. In such cases, a plunger is usually used to unclog it. Still, if the issue keeps recurring, it likely points to a bigger underlying problem that requires a professional plumber to fix. Below are four reasons why your toilet might keep clogging:

Insufficient Water Flowing Into the Tank

If the water tank is not full when the toilet is flushed, there is inadequate pressure to flush the waste. There may be insufficient water if the valve is not open or if there is a leak in the water line supply. Nonetheless, you need to hire a plumber to conduct an inspection and determine the root issue. Depending on their assessment, they may recommend a valve replacement as the viable, long-term solution.

A Build-up in the Pipes Due to Hard Water

Blockage issues are prevalent in most areas where hard water is used unless it passes through a water softener before it flows into the water pipes. The residual accumulates and clogs in the pipes, and unfortunately, this problem keeps recurring unless you schedule regular drain cleaning services. Through this, the plumber uses a specialized solution that flushes the residual out of the toilet system, leaving it as clean as new.

Flushing Wipes and Foreign Objects

Not all wipes are flushable, though many people ignore this and block the toilet. In addition, kids are typically adventurous and love to try out new things. Since the toilet is a fascinating feature for children, they may throw different items into the bowl and flush them to see them disappear down the drain. Unfortunately, these foreign objects then get stuck and block the toilet drain. To help avoid clogging, pay keen attention to what the kids are doing and warn them against throwing their toys and other items into the toilet bowl.

Clogged Sewer System

Sometimes, the sewer system may become clogged, and since the pipes are buried in the ground, it is difficult to notice any issues before they escalate. Therefore, a blocked sewer system can wreak havoc on the drainage system. Consequently, you may experience backed-up toilets and foul smells from the drains. If you observe this, contact a plumbing service promptly to service the drains, examine for any possible issues, and rectify them before they worsen.

Quality toilet maintenance is essential to avoid living in an unsanitary, potentially hazardous environment. Furthermore, toilets should get fixed immediately if any issue is noticed. For more information, contact a plumbing service in your area.