5 Problems with Air Conditioning and How a Technician Can Repair Them

Air conditioning is an essential component of modern homes and commercial buildings. It keeps the interior cool when the outside temperature soars. However, like most home appliances, air conditioning units face problems from time to time. While homeowners can address minor issues themselves, other problems require professional intervention. Read about five problems with air conditioning units and how a technician can repair them.

1. Refrigerant Leak

Refrigerant gas is essential for your air conditioning unit to cool the air. Sometimes, leaks occur and cause the gas to escape from the system. This significantly decreases cooling power, and the air conditioning unit may stop working. A technician can detect these leaks with specialized tools and repair them. Refilling the refrigerant may also be necessary.

2. Dirty Filters

The air filter is a component that traps dirt, debris, and other particles from the air. If the filter is not cleaned or replaced regularly, it can become clogged and restrict airflow. This puts a strain on the air conditioning system, making it work harder than usual and shortening its lifespan. A technician can clean or replace the filter, restoring normal airflow to the unit.

3. Faulty Compressor

The compressor is the central component of your air conditioning unit. It compresses and circulates coolant gas, which absorbs and releases heat as it flows in and out of your home. A faulty compressor can cause the air conditioning unit to work inefficiently or fail to work at all. If your technician verifies a compressor fault, they may repair or replace it.

4. Electrical Problems

Air conditioning units are complex systems that rely on electricity to function. Electrical problems can range from malfunctioning thermostats to faulty wiring or blown fuses. These problems can cause your air conditioning unit to shut down or work incorrectly, causing discomfort to your home. Technicians can easily identify and repair electrical problems.

5. Dirty Evaporator Coils

The evaporator coils absorb heat from the air instead of expelling it. But over time, the coils can become coated with condensation or other particles, and this layer of materials reduces efficiency and performance. A technician can clean or replace the coils, restoring efficiency to your air conditioning unit.

Air conditioning systems require regularly scheduled maintenance and professional intervention for optimal functioning. Professional technicians have the necessary training, tools, and expertise to fix your unit's issues. The next time you experience any issues with your AC unit, reach out to a professional technician, and you'll be amazed at the difference it can make in your home's comfort. 

For more info about air conditioner repair, contact a local company.