A Look at Common Myths Associated with Heating Your Home with Heating Oil

Even though heating oil has been used for residential heating purposes for many years, this is perhaps one of the most commonly misunderstood home heating fuel sources. If you are considering an oil burner for your home that would require the use of heating oil, it is important that you fully understand the facts about this fuel source before you come to your final decision. There are many myths associated with heating oil, and most of these misconceptions are unwarranted.

Learn What These 3 Noises Mean For Your Furnace

You're used to your furnace running as quietly as it's designed to be. When you hear unexpected noises coming from your furnace, it's naturally a cause for alarm. Loud and unusual noises can be caused by any number of issues. Some of these issues are relatively minor and easily solvable, while others signal the need for a licensed HVAC expert to step in. The following gives you an idea of what sounds to keep your ears tuned for.

Routine Sources Of Air Conditioner Malfunctions And Performance Problems

Of all of the appliances in your home that could suffer malfunctions, the air conditioning system can have among the most noticeable and severe impacts for those living in the home. Despite the severe impacts that these problems can create, there are homeowners that are often uninformed about addressing the most routine air conditioner (AC) problems that they can expect to experience. Cool Air Not Coming Out Of Upstairs Vents

Does Your AC Need to Be Replaced Rather Than Repaired?

When an appliance breaks in your home, you'll likely wonder if it needs to be repaired or if you are better off replacing it entirely. You don't want to make the mistake of replacing an appliance too early, which wastes money when a repair would have been just fine. When it comes to your air conditioner (AC), here are some signs that replacement will be the best option. Frequent Repairs

What If Your Furnace Is Not Heating Correctly?

Many people rely on their furnaces for warmth when the winter season kicks in. However, you can find yourself in an difficult situation if the furnace stops heating correctly in the middle of the winter. Whenever your furnace starts to malfunction, you can get a furnace repair, or even do the repairs by yourself. The following quick fixes can help ensure that your furnace is functioning properly without having to call furnace repair services.