Why Cleaning Your AC Filter Is Critical

An HVAC system has to have a constant supply of air in order to function properly. While you could get all the airflow you need by removing your AC filter, which restricts airflow as it removes dust, your AC unit would be inundated with dust, which would clog up system components. Thus, it is critical to have an air filter, but it is also important to properly maintain it.  Change Your Filter Regularly

3 Reasons Why a Commercial Freezer Might Stop Getting Cold

Are you puzzled as to why one of the freezers in your convenience store has stopped keeping food cold? If your freezer is not simply going out from normal wear and tear, there are a few things that may have caused the temperature to change to the point of not keeping food cold. Here are a few parts of a commercial freezer that can become problematic and prevent food from staying frozen:

Can You Really Heat Your Whole Home with a Pellet Stove?

The idea of heating an entire house with wood may sound very 18th century. But thanks to new technology, it is now possible to heat an entire, average- to large-sized home to a comfortable temperature just by burning wood pellets. And it's not nearly as inconvenient as you might assume! The main apparatus that makes this possible is the pellet stove, which burns compacted wood pellets typically made from bark and other wood scraps that would otherwise rot away in a landfill.

Airflow Problems And Evaporator Coil Frosting

An air conditioning system usually cools a room by absorbing heat from air and then dumping the cooled air into the room. This process is made possible by the fact that as it turns from a liquid to a gas, the air conditioner refrigerant absorbs heat. In this case, the heat it absorbs is usually from the air blowing over the evaporator coils. Normally, an air conditioning system is designed in such a way that the air blowing over the evaporator coils can provide enough heat not to cause extreme temperature drops in this area.

Keep Cool And Comfortable While You Wait For An A/C Repair With These Tips

When you discover that there's a problem with your home's air conditioner that is preventing it from thoroughly cooling your home, you've got two priorities. Your first mission is to find a licensed HVAC contractor in your city who will be able to pay you a visit, assess the problem and order the parts to get the repair process started. Your second priority is to think of some creative ways to keep cool as the temperature continues to rise.