Got A Dusty Home? Three Common Mistakes People Make That Can Make A Home Dustier

Some homes naturally have a bit more dust on them, based on the location of the home and the home's surroundings. However, in some cases, people attribute a dusty home to nature, when in reality, they are making cleaning and maintenance mistakes that are contributing to the high dust levels in the home. If you feel like you are constantly cleaning your home but losing the fight with dust, here may be three of the common reasons why.

Mold And Air Ducts: Does Your House Make You Feel Sick?

Your home can bring your great joy and comfort all year round. But if you feel sick every time you enter your home, your air ducts could contain mold. Although blotches of mold generally show up in bathrooms, kitchens, and other places that use water, mold can also grow inside air ducts. Learn more about the possible mold inside your air ducts and how you can remove the fungus below.

Why You Need A Heating Tune-Up And What A Tune-Up Entails

Maintenance is important for your furnace whether your furnace is brand new or several years old. This includes an annual heating tune-up that cleans, services, and checks your furnace for safety issues. Here's why you need to have regular heating tune-ups and a look at some things the technician checks: Regular Tune-Ups Protect Your Furnace And Family One important reason to have annual service on your furnace is because it's probably a requirement for your warranty to be valid.

What Special Maintenance Items Do Hydronic Systems Require?

Once common in almost all homes, hydronic heating systems are now viewed as an expensive luxury. Typical new homes use forced air heating that doubles up with a split unit central air system to provide both heating and cooling. Forced air systems require annual inspections to ensure that they are in good working order, but these inspections often focus on the ductwork, blower motor, and other elements that are irrelevant for a hydronic heating system.

Reasons To Get Your AC Fixed Even If Summer Is Almost Over

As summer starts drawing to an end, you can be certain that winter will be here soon. While you may never need your central air conditioner in the winter, you should still consider getting it looked at if it currently is not working well. If you have noticed lately that it is not keeping up well, now is the time to get it evaluated and fixed, and here are some of the reasons you should do this now instead of waiting until next spring or summer.